Brian Kemp: Cowardice, Corruption & Communism

DOMINION - do· min· ion | \ də-ˈmi-nyən - law : supreme authority : sovereignty having dominion over the natural world

The story of Brian Kemp’s life before 2010 is one of little interest. However the story of him becoming Governor, his unusual ties, and his recent behaviors are of paramount intrigue.

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In 2010, Brian Kemp was appointed Secretary of State by Governor Sonny Perdue. One of Kemp’s first large initiatives was implementing a new electronic voter registration system. It was during a time when he had pledged transparency to voters and worked on structure and security within his official capacity.

There wasn’t much ruckus tied to the 2012 election - however there was in 2016. Leading up to the election there was a massive data breach on the personal information of many Georgian voters, including social security numbers. This ended up costing the state millions.

When President Obama’s DHS offered assistance to Georgia to increase security for the ‘16 election, Kemp didn’t take the help. Post election, Kemp downloaded the results off the state’s servers, which produced no paper records and were connected to the internet.

A spat took place between the DHS and Kemp, when Kemp claimed in December 2016 that the DHS hacked his state’s computer system and voter registration information. This was not true. Kemp went on to call potential intervention by the federal government in Georgia’s elections as a violation of a state’s rights.

Shortly thereafter, he let voter information leak again, this time by his own doing. Once litigation was filed against him, he ordered those servers to be wiped clean. This took place as he was running for Governor, an evident conflict of interest. He would continue to be Secretary of State until two days after the 2018 election.

How can one run for something while overseeing the election? He removed 340,000 people off the voting roll. He delayed voting registration of over 50,000 people. Stacey Abrams has still to this day not conceded the election. While Abrams certainly isn’t the most ethical person either, I don’t blame her for not doing so.

Kemp became the 83rd governor of Georgia. Then he started getting to work - for himself. He managed to erase his $500,000 debt when he sold one of his businesses to Perdue AgriBusiness. He appointed a billionaire and Democrat donor Kelly Loeffler to a senate seat, which resulted in speculation of a sketchy deal, and not soon after, she was investigated for insider trading.

In June 2019, Kemp signed a bill to replace Georgia’s voting system. It didn’t raise too many eyebrows of the average Georgian, at first glance. Kemp went right to work on finding a vendor.

On July 12, 2019 Kemp met with CCP Consul General based in Houston, Li Qiangmin who also met with Greg Abbott, governor of Texas on at least one occassion. Kemp called General Li “a great friend,” and “thanked him for his service” to the state of Georgia.

Two weeks later, on July 29, 2019, Brian Kemp signs a contract with Dominion for $107 million dollars to be the voting system for the entire state of Georgia, after what appeared to be Georgia’s partaking in an alleged pay to play scheme involving ES&S, a Dominion competitor. Kemp even plays dirty to dirty players.

Not only was the amount of money suspect for a state the size of Georgia, having an election system for an entire state is unusual. It’s typically a county’s decision as you can see in California, Arizona, or Florida. However, Dominion looked better than their current system on paper, because it used paper. A paper trail was back for the 2020 election, for the first time in over a decade. Kemp & Co. used this as a means to justify the expense.

In July 2020, President Trump ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston closed immediately. It was called a spy hub by many, and the CCP essentially proved it by burning down parts of the building with records inside. What we didn’t know publicly then, is what we know. Dominion is believed to be owned by the Chinese Communist Party, who has been spying on America for decades.

It’s become evident that Dominion played a big role in the 2020 election. Their systems were used in 28 states. After a forensic audit, we learned that a Dominion system had an error rate of nearly 70% in one Michigan county.

The voting systems implementation manager for the state of Georgia, Gabe Sterling recieved $11,000,000 for his work. For what work exactly? It’s tough to say - no one really knows what he did except set up illegal ballot drop boxes, which are still set up for the upcoming Senate runoff. Sterling was particularly defensive when asked for a simple and procedural signature audit, which Brian Kemp initially denied granting.

Many members of the Georgia state legislature see no issue with the election, or with Dominion, even as they are alleged to have been counting ballots on election day. Ruby Freeman, and her daughter Shaye Moss, a Fulton County employee counted mystery ballots from under a table with only democrat operatives present.

Why does the “Georgia Economic Development Agency” have two offices in China? Why has Brian Kemp been part of an alleged COVID 19 supplies kickback scheme involving China? Why did Brian Kemp allegedly take money from Lenovo?

Did Brian Kemp sell the election to China? If Donald Trump uses this executive order from 2018, we may know the answer soon enough. That link explains the executive order better than anyone can.