Here's how 20 American Governors are tied to the Chinese Communist Party

There are probably more.

It was brought to my attention today that more than a few U.S. Governors are affiliated, often meet with or are even directly intertwined with the Chinese Communist Party. I have barely scratched the surface, yet have found at least something on 20 of the 50.

Did you know the CCP ranks all 50 governors? Apparently, these governors have been doing their best to get an “A+.”

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ARIZONA [R] Doug Ducey: Gov. Ducey loves talking about his desires to do more with China. Here he is after being visited by Ambassador Cui Tainkai in 2016.

ARKANSAS [R] Asa Hutchinson: A tax payer funded “trade mission” to China? Gov. Hutchinson has taken one. His son joined him on that trip. It doesn’t help that his son has also done legal work for the CCP. Governor Hutchinson loves letting Chinese companies invest in his state.

CALIFORNIA [D] Gavin Newsom: I could write a book about how intertwined Newsom is with corruption. I’ll just show you this - Ren Faqiang met with Newsom last year.

CONNECTICUT [D] Ned Lemont: Huang Ping was hosted by Ned Lamont for a couple days. Governor Lamont’s uncle, Corliss Lamont was a chairman of The “Friends of The Soviet Union,” endorsed Fidel Castro in his book “A Lifetime of Dissent,” and he also defended the CPUSA (Communist Party of The United States of America) in 1971. Ned himself may also have ties, like others seem to do in CT.

DELAWARE [D] John Carney: Minister Xu Xueyuan took in a Chinese Festival with Governor Carney. When he’s not partying with the CCP, he’s allegedly stealing from taxpayers.

IDAHO [R] Brad Little: Counselor Xu Min had lunch with then Lt. Gov Little.

INDIANA [R] Eric Holcomb: Was invited to China during a meeting with Consul General Hong Lei back in 2018. Holcomb also loves fancy plane rides and accepting some questionable money.

IOWA [R] Kim Reynolds: She’s been meeting with Xi Jinping on an unusually frequent basis since at least 2012 back when she was Lt. Governor. They met at least twice in that year alone. Most likely again in 2015.

ILLINOIS [D] Jerry Pritzker: His sister, Penny Pritzker, helped create the TPP and visited China often when she worked under Obama. A multi Billionaire, Jerry spoke last year at the China Investment Cooperation Forum. Also in 2019, Illinois State held Chinese Consul member Zhao Jian.

KENTUCKY [D] Andy Beshear: Minister Xu Xueyuan attended his inaguration ceremony. Many have called Beshear a marxist and communist.

LOUSIANA [R] John Bel Edwards: Gov. Edwards had a visit from Cui Tiankai, a CCP diplomat, who in the past has met with former President Obama and recently made an appearance on CNN.

MINNESOTA [D] Tim Walz: Spent his earlier years teaching in China. In 2015, he joined Nancy Pelosi on a trip to China to discuss cyber security. Earlier this year, he atteneded a Chinese New Year party, (photo below) where he addressed people about COVID-19.

MONTANA [D] Steve Bullock: Cui Tainkai made a stop in Montana that lasted 3 days.

NEW MEXICO [D] Michelle Lujan Grisham: Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang met with Grisham when she was a member of the House of Representatives in 2017.

NORTH CAROLINA [D] Roy Cooper: Just last year, Governor Cooper met with Xu Xueyuan to discuss US-China relations.

OREGON [D] Kate Brown: Governor Brown met with CCP diplomat Luo Linquan in 2015. She’s taken plenty of campaign contributions from those that produce goods in China. She’s even shaken hands with Xi Jinping.

TENNESSEE [R] Governor Bill Lee: He was visited for three days by Minister Xu Xueyuan. He actively speaks with China about investments.

TEXAS [R] Greg Abbott: Consul General Li Qiangmin visited Abbott in 2017. Several months later he took part in a US-China summit, praising the relationship between the state of Texas and China.

UTAH [R] Gary Herbert: He took office after Jon Huntsman [R] was picked to be ambassador to China. He led a “trade mission” to China in 2011. Xu Xueyuan paid a four day visit to Utah in 2018.

VERMONT [R] Phil Scott: Huang Ping spent a day in the state last year. Phil Scott admitted that, as a Republican, he voted for “Beijing Biden.”

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